South Africans protest in London!

South Africans congregated in London today, in an attempt to create awareness regarding the crime in SA, and the state things are in at the moment. The march started just a little after 11:00 at Piccadilly Circus in central London today, the 15th of May 2010. It was an hour-long static march that ended at the South African Embassy’s doorstep.

Everyone was wearing read t-shirts which symbolized the innocent blood that has and is being spilt in South Africa. The colour in itself also means STOP, as in ‘stop the crime’.  Besides the two black British reporters at the march, there were no other ethnic South African groups that participated in the march.

The event was very well structured with enough police and stewards keeping an eye on the protesters. There were no trouble makers, old flags or  talks of current /past political leaders; so all in all, the protest went down very well. There was also a very good ambience in the crowd and while most were saddened by what’s happening to their home country, the event was done in a good spirit.  Everyone that was participating had experienced crime first hand, or knew someone that had.

The march focused on the genocide staring white farmers in the eye, and general crime in SA experienced by all South Africans, regardless of their skin colour. Several South Africans that were there today had experienced horrible ordeals, and   were kind enough to share their stories with us. There were 400 confirmed people at the protest, almost all of them had their own banners and carried white crosses that represented everyone that had been lost in South Africa.
Many South Africans participated in interviews, talking about why they were participating, what they wanted to achieve through participating and how they think crime could be solved in South Africa.

Awareness of this topic, especially the genocide that is currently taking place directed towards the farmers is very much needed on a global scale, as the media are censored, and the world …well the world is very disinterested and ignorant. That is why every opportunity must be used to create awareness, especially with the world cup looming over head, and that is exactly what this protest did. It made people who were willing to listen around the world, more aware.

Thank you to everyone who participated, it was a pleasure working with you!

And thank you to every South African across the globe that was there with us, in spirit.

My personal facebook page were you can see the entire protest photo album:!/rozanne.meyer

My Youtube channel were you can see all the interviews: (more videos are still to come!)

12 gedagtes oor “South Africans protest in London!

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  2. 400 participants out of a million expats?that was to show that it was a damb squib an agobbledegook!that was a messag from londoners that you are rightwingers who are using crime and blacks to further your narrow-minded,nefarious and frivolous ends.

    you have no history of fighting for the restoration of human rights except when you fight those black governments who are not your puppets!we were denied our human right in the past in south africa…have you ever raised a finger?no,instead you were pitched deep n anola fighting villagers!

    1. Joggie

      You’re talking a load of crap. White people voted ‘yes’ in the referendum. Multiracial democracy was the result of a negotiated settlement, for which whites are responsible. Somehow Angola also found itself playing host to Cuban and Soviet scum, could you care to explain that? Communism is responsible for all of this, and the purpose of apartheid was to prevent the illiterate black masses from voting into power these evil f*ckers, who now form our government.

      No history? We’re making it right here, right now. If you don’t like it, go climb under your rock.

  3. The struggle was not for multiracialism but non-racialism or race intergration!We have had multiracialism all along in this country which was in the context of apartheid!

    You mandated De Klerk to change but not to give-out the plot that will see the whites being usurped and subjugated and that was what Viljoen attempted prevent when he assembled a fifty thousand strong phalanx of former special forces members who now cal themselves “conflict guards on rent”!

    If communism is so bad then apartheid,colonialism,capitalism,nazism,zionism and whiteness and all its vestiges is likewise.Whites who took it upon themselves in the past to kill black people were adviced to go into the army or the police where they`ll be able to do it without being exposed and punished as was the case with tereblanche and strydom.they went into the police to kill blacks under the cover of such protection @#%^

    1. Joggie

      You know what’s also bad, your blackism. How does your definition of “non-racialism” involve “whites being usurped and subjugated”? That’s pretty racial if you ask me. Mandela said in 1994, at his inauguration, “never again will there be discrimination in this country”, but here I am in 2010 getting my white ass discriminated against and more.

      I can paraphrase all your bullshit, except when I do it, it becomes the truth… All your racist black brothers joined MK to kill whites under the cover of such protection. Black people were advised to join the ANC and AZAPO and PAC if they wanted to kill white people. etc.etc..

      How many blacks were killed by apartheid? Maybe about a thousand over the course of several decades. Communism has killed 100 million worldwide. Your communist brother Mr Malema, the Marxist, the Leninist, in his own words, is doing military training as we speak.

      If you want a struggle, why don’t you stick your head up your ass and struggle for air.

      If you want war, you’ll get war.

  4. If you want war, you’ll get war.

    sham,what a pretty little thing?that will be like being engaged by a toddler…and i will just give more cheeks for him to klap and just walk-on.

    these morons and oxymorons have spent billions in congo to mobutu,angola,mozambique and south west and as i`m talking now that`s all money gone to the drain since they have nothing to show for it and he has the balls to talk war!did you see their faces when they were sent packing by the mnpla/cuban forces…pale like a wet chick!no pompor ceremony but silent assimilation with society.i petty you scourge and scum of this earth and will pray for you to the real jjesus not the 999 or 666 one-dumbass!!!

    1. Tim, dear Tim.

      You do a severe disservice to all Black South Africans with your rants. Your militancy will get us nowhere, except to embarrass and prove to the west that Africa is filled with violent savages.


      The white regime ended almost 16 years ago. Is it not time to put the current blame for things where they really belong?

      Human rights are now given to all. Is there any point to hold onto the past, except to fuel unnecessary anger? In other words – MOVE THE F&^* ALONG!!!!!!!

      As for Joggie – get over yourself.

  5. bullshit.bullshi8iit,bullshiit!!!struggle never ends but kenya the maumau was started after independenceto preve nt whites from setting-up a third force comprising of gangs and mercenaries from embarking on ditrty tricks to unsettle,discomfrort,inconvenience,deny opportunities and benefits and human rights to blacks as it is happening in south africa.

    soon a mau mau type action will be happening in south africa to restore south africa to its original people-zulus,xhosas,tswanas only.i did not go in the struggle on the behest or beck and call of any monkey,dick or ape and so no-one wi,ll dictate to me to end the struggle.this is just the beginning and it is going to be messy!!!!

  6. Tim,

    Calm down, son. You may do yourself an injury with all your pent up angst.

    Wow, you sure do hate the whites. And do you know where hating will get you? Probably an early grave, due to a heart attack. So much hate in one body can’t be good.

    As for the Mau Maus, they were not started to prevent whites from setting up a 3rd force of gangs and mercs. The Mau Mau Uprising (1952 to 1960) was an insurgency by Kenyans against British colonial rule and consisted of members of the Kikuyu ethnic group, along with smaller numbers of Embu and Meru.

    Check your history.

    Using the example of the Mau Mau uprising also blows your argument regrading the end of the struggle clean out of the water. Please note that the Uprising ended (yes – ended) in 1960.

    Tell me, will you be in charge of the Mau Mau like uprising in SA, if & when it does occur? I sure hope not because it is doomed to start with a bang then fizzle out like a wet cracker in a light drizzle. I assume you do not speak for the middle class masses in SA.

    I do, however, think that you may merely be a common criminal (albeit one with access to the internet) hiding behind political agendas. Just like Eugene de Kock. And see were his conduct got him. PRISON.

    Tim, if you would like to respond to my comment, please (and I ask nicely) do so with the intelligence that you clearly posses, with proper syntax and proper punctuation.

    That is all.

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