FIFA 2010 World Cup: A Celebration of Genocide

Imagine if a FIFA World Cup stadium in Germany had been named the Adolf Hitler Stadium.  Would Germany have permitted that?


Would they just have glossed over the names of those responsible for the deaths of so many?

Why then will FIFA 2010 World Cup matches be played at the Peter Mokaba Stadium?

Peter Mokaba openly encouraged the murder of innocent South Africans and he influenced the South African Government to deny the existence of HIV/Aids.

More than 2 000 farmers have been brutally murdered because of what Mokaba stood for, and more than 10% of our South African population are HIV positive.

FIFA owes the families of the murdered South African farmers and the victims of HIV/AIDS an apology.

Send this letter to Fifa


Herewith I would like to express my dismay at the decision to allow international FIFA games to be played at the Peter Mokaba stadium.  Mokaba was an inciter of racial hatred and a denialist of HIV/Aids.  His actions has caused endless pain and suffering in South Africa.  I request of FIFA to take steps to commemorate those who have suffered as a result of farm attacks and HIV/Aids in South Africa,. click here to send an email.

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